5 Tips for Decluttering & Organizing Your Closet

5 Tips for Decluttering & Organizing Your Closet

Have you ever had a moment where you were standing in your closet saying to yourself “I have nothing to wear”… while you’re in a closet filled with clothes? This is a common problem people have when their closets are full of clutter and not properly organized.

There is nothing better than a well-organized and clutter-free closet. Since we spend a lot of money on clothing, we feel bad about getting rid of it. But if you aren’t wearing it and don’t plan to, are you really get your money’s worth?

If you are struggling to find things to wear even though your closet is filled to the brim, it’s time for a closet makeover! This can be an overwhelming process, but here are our top tips to help you have a successful closet declutter and makeover!

5 tips for decluttering and organizing your closet:

1. Look through your closet seasonally

One of our best tips for decluttering and organizing your closet is going through it each season. Odds are, you need to switch out your summer clothes for your fall clothes, and vice versa. Season changes make for the perfect time to look through what you have: get rid of whatever you think you won’t wear anymore, what’s not in style anymore, or things you don’t ever see yourself wearing. Whatever you do wear, you can keep it. Whatever you don’t wear, you can either donate or pass along to friends and family.

2. Empty your closet & filter

Another one of our top tips for a clutter-free and organized closet is taking everything out and filtering things back in. Sometimes people just go through their items and end up not getting rid of much. But by taking everything out first, you’ll be forced to look through every single item and decide what you want to keep and what you can pass on.

3. Create separate piles

When going through your items, creating different piles is a great way to help you actually get rid of things. Create a keep pile, a sell/donate pile, a family/friends pile, and a maybe pile. Add things to the different piles as you go through stuff to see how much you are keeping or getting rid of. Believe it or not, you’ll most likely end up decluttering more if you see how small your sell, donate, or pass-on pile is!

4. Section off your closet for different items

Now that you know exactly what you are keeping, you can create different sections in your closet. When organizing your closet, think of it like you are going shopping every day when you get dressed. Where would you want your tops? Where would you want your pants? Shoes? Accessories? Your closet is essentially your at-home clothing store, so have fun and get creative with it!

5. Use storage solutions

One of the keys to an organized and clutter-free closet is storage solutions. You’ve probably seen extremely organized closets online and wondered how they got that way – it’s by using storage solutions! Storage solutions offer you a way to organize things neatly while also saving space in your closet for your bigger items like bags or shoes. If you’re looking for high-quality storage solutions for your closet revamp, check out Decluttered Wardrobes storage solutions!

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