Declutter Your Closet with These 5 Simple Steps

Declutter Your Closet with These 5 Simple Steps

When you think of a closet makeover, it sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong! While the concept sounds easy – you just get rid of clothes and move on. But sometimes when you get into your closet and you go through all the items you have, you may not get rid of as much as you need to since you can see yourself wearing something, and then never end up wearing it.

Decluttering your closet takes a lot more time and energy than you may think, but doing it the right way is going to create the results you are looking for. People oftentimes get into their closet and are instantly overwhelmed and don’t know where to start so they just keep pushing the task off.

Before you get started, you need to prepare yourself for the amount of work it takes to declutter your closet. Cleaning out your closet should be fun for you, so don’t make it feel like a chore, make it fun!

If you’re never done a closet declutter and you don’t even know where to start, start by following these 5 simple steps…

5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Closet

Declutter Your Closet with These 5 Simple Steps

1. Pull out things you know you don’t want

When decluttering your closet, you should start by doing a quick once-over on all your items. Go through your items and pull out the pieces you know for sure you don’t want, you won’t wear, or that don’t fit anymore. This step won’t take you long and it’ll get you motivated to keep going since you’ll see how much space you have in your closet now! If you are unsure about an item, finish steps 2-4 and then head to step 5.

2. Take inventory

One of the most important things to do when decluttering your closet is taking inventory of what you have. This will help give you an idea of what you have too much of and where you need to declutter the most. BE honest with yourself, do you really need all 15 V-neck sweaters?

3. Deep clean

Once you have more space in your closet, it’s always best practice to vacuum, dust, and deep clean while it’s empty(ish). This isn’t something you’ll do once a week or once a month, so take time cleaning everything from the floor to the ceiling so you get the total effect of a clean closet.

4. Rearrange and organize

Now that you know exactly what you are keeping and you have a huge pile of things you are getting rid of, you can start filtering your items back into your closet. Rearrange where you want things to go and use storage solutions like a 5-in-1 pant hanger or a 9-in-1 closet hanger to maximize the space in your closet.

5. Reassess your ‘maybe’ pile

Now that your closet makeover is complete, it’s time to look through your ‘maybe’ pile again. Now that you know exactly how much space is in your closet and what exactly you have, you may look through this pile and realize you don’t need any of it! Keep whatever items you really want to and the rest can go!

Declutter Your Closet with These 5 Simple Steps

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